Simon Meets Mrs Twinkle For The First Time

mrs twinkle meets simon for the first timeSimon Meets Mrs Twinkle For The First Time (Book One)

Simon is a young boy who often is sick and misses school. He is lonely and bored in his bedroom until a large bright happy star visits him at his bedroom window. Mrs Twinkle takes Simon on an adventure around Sydney Harbour and beyond. Fact and fiction are woven together to form a story of magic.


“Let's start with your hometown, Sydney. We can explore some of its many bays,” yelled Mrs tinkle through a haze of pink stardust.

As they zoomed through the sky, Mrs Twinkle called out, "Hold on tight, Simon!"

She did a quick flip and flew underneath Sydney Harbour Bridge.

"Oh! What a roller coaster ride! Wow!" Simon gasped, as he watched the cars travelling above him on the heavy, iron bridge.