Mrs. Twinkle Takes Simon To The Great Barrier Reef

mrs-twinkle-takes-simon-to-barrier-reefMrs Twinkle Takes Simon To The Great Barrier Reef (Book Two)

The Series continues. Simon, who lives in Australia, is visited by a large bright star, Mrs Twinkle. Together they travel up the coast of Australia and to Uluru. While they have adventures together, Mrs Twinkle informs Simon about the people and places they visit. This is a magical story of fact and fiction.


Mrs Twinkle Clam

Mrs Twinkle was so busy giving Simon information about the reef 
animals that she forgot where she was going and oops! bumped 
right into a giant clam.

“Ooosh whoosh,” said the clam, through his large air vent, 
and promptly closed his shells.

“Look out where you’re going, mate,” shouted Mr Clam. “I’m king of the reef here."

“Oops. Sorry Mr Clam,” replied Simon, stepping aside.
 Luckily Mrs Twinkle retrieved her star beam just as the clam’
s shell closed tight.

“That was a narrow escape,” said Mrs Twinkle. “How 
horrible to get my star beam caught in Mr Clam’s jaws.” The clam calmed down.

“I meant no harm,” he said, “it’s just 
a reaction to protect myself – just keep your eyes open and watch 
where you’re going on the reef. There are plenty of prickly and 
dangerous beings around here."