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Annabelle Wadsworth - Why I wrote Mrs Twinkle (Book One)

Author Annabelle WadsworthIt originated early 2006 when I looked out the window early one dawn and  opened the wooden shutters. There was a star hanging low over the horizon –  really large and bright, almost as if one could talk to it.

Later in the day I  was telling a friend about communing with this star and he suggested I write everything down as he could not stop laughing over the dialogue I had.

Mrs Twinkle and SimonHence,  Simon appeared as the little sick boy and Mrs Twinkle as the star.

They started their adventures with the intention of seeing how we inter relate with  all living beings and the environment.
Uluru Mrs TwinkleSimon is taken on a journey up the east coast of Australia then on to Uluru by Mrs Twinkle. As he goes on the trip, his consciousness is expanded and Mrs Twinkle teaches him about the Oneness of All.

The book is also about looking after our environment and our native animals, thus having respect for all living things. The indigenous way of life and the differences in aboriginal culture is touched upon as well in the last chapter (Uluru Dreaming Chapter 6).

Mrs Twinkle Simon StrengthThe book helps with children’s personal development as Simon is bullied at school.

He learns through his expanded consciousness and wisdom of a “bigger picture”  that he can ignore the boys and find new playmates through his own inner strength, which he develops with Mrs Twinkle’s help.



Mrs Twinkle Hugging TreeThe book brings in environmental studies, e.g. learning about turtles eating plastic  bags thrown in the water, about polyps and many sea creatures, koalas and  marsupials of Australia.

Rain forests are talked about and also the exchange of  energy in hugging trees. There is a magical quality through Simon's and Mrs Twinkle’s dialogue.

Australian children can relate to it very easily as it is about our environment and even the city (Sydney).  It is based on real facts although the characters are fictitious.  It is really “fun” and "light" and in keeping with “New Age” consciousness.

Reasonably priced, Hardcover Books are $16.00 and we offer free shipping, and EBooks are priced at $4.99 of which, $1 goes to IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare), which looks after many native animals around the world as well as the plight of animals not responsibly looked after.

Education benefits

  • Australian animals and marsupials
  • Rainforests – carpet snakes
  • Sydney Harbour creatures
  • Australian Aboriginals
  • Barrier Reef

Environmental Issues

  • It is light and fun but has a serious message to it
  • Look after our environment and animals
  • See the wisdom in other cultures
  • Expand children’s awareness particularly towards the environment and native animals

Interpersonal Issues

  • Don’t let bullying children get you down.  See their silliness and stay away
  • Treat people of different cultures with respect
  • Be responsible with our native animals and environment