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I really liked reading Mrs Twinkle, it was fun and I had been to some of the places Mrs Twinkle and Simon went. It was good that it was in Australia and I got to find out about different places, animals and aboriginal meanings.
Nat - 11 years old, NSW Australia
As a teacher I'm always looking for a book that is engaging and a jumping block to launch into discussions and teaching from, Mrs Twinkle offers so many different openings it allows you to delve as deep as you want.
Sara - Year 3 Primary Teacher, NSW Australia
To Mrs Twinkle, My mum tells me about you and Simon. I like your pictures. My favourite story is with Mr Clam. It would be good to go flying with you.
Harry - 5 years old, USA
Reading Mrs Twinkle taught me that Turtles think plastic bags are jelly fish and eat them, which causes turtles to die. So thanks to Mrs Twinkle l always pick up plastic bags in city streets or bushland.
Dorothy FraserĀ  - Victoria, Australia
It was a very fun and inspiring book!
I would encourage every age to read it.
Shelby Wirkus - Rigby, Idaho, USA
I kept wondering what adventure was coming next, and when I found the coloured illustrations it made me smile and I wanted more. Dreams and imagination aren't silly they add happiness and a new possibilities to our lives, and this is exactly what this book achieves.
Ingrid Johansson - Nambour, Queensland, Australia