Reading Mrs Twinkle taught me that Turtles think plastic bags are jelly fish and eat them, which causes turtles to die. So thanks to Mrs Twinkle l always pick up plastic bags in city streets or bushland.
Dorothy Fraser - Victoria, Australia

Mrs Twinkle Series

Enjoyed by all ages, and ideal for  3 - 6 year olds, "The Mrs Twinkle Series", is authored by educator and artist, Annabelle Wadsworth.

"Mrs Twinkle" bridges the gap between picture books and young adult fiction. The imaginative stories follow a star and a boy as they travel throughout Australia and beyond, discovering animals, habitat, our heritage and relationships. Annabelle has also subtly addressed possible solutions for low self esteem through positive reinforcement.

The Mrs Twinkle Series expands the reader's awareness of the world around them, ideal for holiday reading or as a tool within the classroom.

Enjoyed by young listeners to senior primary school students, "Mrs Twinkle" is described as "fun, because it teaches me about the environment."

About The Author

Annabelle Wadsworth has lived mainly in Byron Bay since 1993 and part time in Sydney where she has two grown up children in their 30's.

She has founded a Wellness Centre up the north coast, is a serious meditator and believes in God's healing energy and miracles.


As a teacher I’m always looking for a book that is engaging and a jumping block to launch into discussions and teaching from, Mrs Twinkle offers so many different openings it allows you to delve as deep as you want.
Sara  -  Primary Teacher